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An Italian gem, Tuscany provides the typical landscape, food and wine that make the country one of Europe's favourite holiday hotspots. With such cultural treasures as Florence, Siena and Pisa, Tuscany offers a wealth of tranquillity and history that is not easily rivaled.

The local vineyards produce some of the world's oldest and finest red wines some dating back to 12th Century.  They offer opportunities to visit the ancient estates to see and taste wine and olive oil produced there. Combined with wide gastronomic variety means there is something for every taste and palate.

Here is where you will find yourself surrounded by the famous rolling hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, which give the name to some of the most prestigious Chianti wine and more appreciated olive oil. Silence travels along with you on the country roads that follow the top of the hills, giving you at every corner a breathtaking view over the countryside, each time better than the previous one.

It is the perfect place both for those who like to enjoy peace and relaxation, living in harmony with nature but spoiled by all the nearby services such as typical village shops, markets, banks, not to mention excellent restaurants, Wine, Olive oil, truffles, cheese, delicious cold meats and the worldwide famous " chianina" steak, are the essence of the lifestyle of this region. There are five restaurants within walking distance and numerous more a short drive away. Just a short walk into the village and you can experience the Tuscan life and  make friends with the locals over a espresso and pastry on a morning and join in a glass of Chianti at lunch & evening time.

There are many activities in Chianti from, horseback riding, Hiking or trekking. Cyclists will find a great number of routes suitable for either mountain bikes or racing bikes, and there are a number of panoramic riding paths as well, Tuscany benefits from plenty of golfing opportunities and the climate to match. Dispersed around the region, all major tourist destinations will never be far from a quality public course.


Sunrise Over Gaiole

Gaiole Festival

Gaiole Market

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